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The SWITCH UP™ POKÉMON™ SCARLET & VIOLET MODE includes MODs that make tedious tasks in Pokémon™ SCARLET & VIOLET a breeze.

Diamond_Pearl Module Photo.png

The SWITCH UP™ POKÉMON™ DIAMOND & PEARL MODE includes MODs and generators that make tedious tasks in Pokémon™ Diamond & Pearl a breeze.


This is the ultimate Pokémon Sword and Shield mode that includes automated Pokémon Shiny hatching among other MODs. Try it out and make your gameplay more enjoyable!

Animal Crossing Module Photo.png

ANIMAL CROSSING™ MODE will help you with your day-to-day life on the Island. With MODs that help you with fishing, running, picking up items, and more; your island experience will be greatly improved!


Our popular Fortnite MODs are now available for the Nintendo Switch including fan favourites such as Aim Abuse, Rapid Fire, Smart Fire and many more!

Mario Mode
Mario Odyssey Thumb.png

Avoid getting stuck and frustrated in Mario Odyssey.  Beat every boss, rake in the coins, and watch the Power Moons pile up with the built-in MODs.

Zelda Mode
This channel is coming soon!
Filtered Master Sword.png

Journey through the world of Hyrule with ease using the enhanced weapon modes.  Rupee and Arrow generators provide the currency you need to avoid the grind of resource gathering.

Take Control
Controller Banner Circle.png

The Switch Up gives you the freedom to play your way with wireless support for the best controllers, including Playstation 4 and Xbox One (including the Xbox One Elite). 

Switch blue grips.png
d-grip assortment.png

The D-Grip™ from Collective Minds is made with premium silicone, so you'll never lose your grip. Dominate Super Smash Bros. using the built-in directional pad.

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