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Update 2.1.18

  • Restored PS5 controller wireless Bluetooth after recent update.

  • Added PS5 Edge controller support.


Update 2.1.12

  • Resolved issue with Game Mode rumble indicators not playing when using Switch Pro Controller or Joy-Cons.

  • Various improvements and bug fixes.

Update 2.1.10

  • Updated to support latest Switch firmware.

Update 2.1.9

  • Various improvements and bug fixes.

Update 2.1.8

  • Added PS5 controller wired and wireless Bluetooth support.

  • Added wired and official Xbox Wireless Adapter support for new Xbox controller (1914).

  • Added Xbox controller headset audio support for official Xbox Wireless Adapter.

  • Improved PS3 controller.

  • Fixed an issue with Hold Macro Loop.

  • Various improvements and bug fixes.


Update 2.1.7

  • All modes now have a distinct LED display on the Player LEDS.

  • Replaced the Pokemon Mode "Watt Generator" with "Shiny Soft Reset Chaining". You can still earn Watts significantly faster using the "Max Raid Watt Generator".

  • Fixed the Max Raid Watt Generator to account for the new home screen button.

  • Pokemon Mode Load Time Adjustable now goes in increments of 1500ms and has a maximum time of 6000ms (6 seconds).

  • General timing improvements to Pokemon MODS.

  • Added Macro Recorder Mode. A brand new mode that allows users to record your own sequence of button presses.

Update 2.1.6

  • Improved Wii U Pro controller response

  • Fixed Wii U Pro and PS3 controller connectivity

Update 2.1.5

  • Added Pokemon Apricorn Farming MOD

  • Various improvements and bug fixes

Update 2.1.4

  • Added Animal Crossing Mode

  • Improved some controller connectivity


Update 2.1.3

  • Fixed bug with Auto Roto Loto using English language

Update 2.1.2

  • Full language support for Pokemon Mode

  • Analog Stick Deadzone

  • Adjusted load time when returning to Motostoke for Auto Roto Loto

  • Improved accuracy of the Rare Den Farming MOD

Update 2.1.1

  • Improved accuracy of the Box Release MOD

  • Reduced chance of encountering wild Pokemon while using Auto Roto Loto

Update 2.1.0

  • Added new features to Pokemon Mode:

  • Auto Roto Loto (Master Ball Farming)

  • Box Surprise Trade

  • Advanced Shiny Chaining

    • Egg Farming / Box Egg Hatching

  • Auto Spin

  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

Update 2.0.7

  • Improved Pro Controller support

  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

Update 2.0.5

  • Updated Pokemon mode to support DLC

  • Updated wired support for Xbox Elite Series 2 including headset support

  • Updated Spanish language support for Pokemon Mode

  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

Update 2.0.3

  • Headset support in all game modes

  • Added load time adjustable for Pokemon Mode

  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

Update 2.0.2

  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

Update 2.0.1

  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

Update 2.0.0

  • New Pokemon Mode

  • New Fortnite Mode

  • PS4 and XB1 controller headset support

  • Improved controller response and drift reduction

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