Amplify the power of your spear -stagger and knock back most enemies giving you the edge in battle.


Have the ability to parry your bomb and explode enemies in front of you without Link taking any damage and only minor damage to your shield.  Bomb Parry is very effective when your faced with overwhelming odds.


Used for heavy weapons and the square remote bomb - stagger the enemy, drop a bomb while backflipping and then ready your bow in one smooth motion giving you options to dominate the battlefield.


Unleash a whirlwind of power using the elemental effects of your sword. This mod automates the technique of chaining enemies into being stunned by allowing you to continuously trigger the elementals of the Great Frostblade or Great Thunderblade in a spinning motion.


Take the pain out of traversing Hyrule as this mod allows Link to endlessly sprint as you move in any direction without being affected by the in-game stamina.


Enjoy all that Hyrule has to offer by removing the resource grind with these resource Generators.

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